The Bake Off Team need some help with calculating the quantities of ingredients for their up and coming bake off challenges.

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One of the recipes the bake off team is using requires 3/4 of a cup of sugar for every 6 scones.

There are 9 children in the bake off team. We need to know how much sugar is  needed for all 9 children.

There is also a recipe to  makes 12 cookies using 2/3 of a cup of butter. Each person only needs to make 6 cookies, so how much butter will they need?

 We would appreciate your help in this matter so please post us your answers.


The Spring Term Bake Off Team

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The new Peters Hill Bake Off Team met for the first time on Thursday 16th January. They were all out to impress from the onset and achieved some fantastic cupcakes. Here are the results of the first challenge.

Gold Awards went to Nathan and Michael.

The judges said that Nathan’s chocolate cupcakes were, “Presented beautifully and the taste and texture was fantastic with a great combination of chocolate and hazelnut.”

Michael’s were described once again as being, “Beautifully presented and they had a great rich chocolatey taste, ”

The Silver awards went to Emma, who had added a great peach twist to her cup cakes and Ellie-Mae, who had paid particular attention to careful decoration with royal icing and silver balls.

The Bronze awards went to Harlie, who had made wonderfully creative  ice-cream cone cup cakes, and Georgia who had  a rainbow delight design.

So congratulations to the new Bake Off team, you all did a tremendous job and we look forward to the next challenge on its way soon.

Please take a look at the final results by clicking onto the SPRING CUPCAKES tab at the top of the page.


The grand final of the first round of the Peters Hill Bake Off took place on Thursday 9th January.
The standard of the children’s signature bakes were, as always, outstanding.
The results of the various bake off challenges that have taken place since September were culminated into overall scores resulting in Isabelle  and Kelsey being the runners up and Ethan attaining the title of ‘Champion Baker’ of this first round. Please click on the tab ‘Signature Bake’ to see their wonderful creations. Congratulations to such a talented group of children.We look forward to a new team starting very soon.