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We would like to announce the winners of the Flapjack challenge that took place on Thursday 24th October. Our school governor, Mr Bill Walton, and class teacher, Mrs Scipio, had the hard task of making a decision as to who the awards went to. After great deliberation here are the results.

The GOLD AWARDS went to Kelsey and Ethan. Kelsey’s were described as, “Colourful with a fun presentation that was very seasonal. Every bite was a different experience.” Ethan’s were described as having, “A beautiful biscuity appearance, with a firm texture and a traditional flapjack flavour.”

The SILVER AWARDS went to Isabelle’s, “Moist and fruity dessert,” and Callum’s, “Crunchy flapjack with juicy apple pieces.”

The BRONZE AWARDS went to Lydia-May and James. Lydia-May had added , “A lovely chocolate topping with a delightful mixture of flavours and textures.” James also produced, “A very chocolaty, flavoursome flapjack with a super after taste.”

Take a look at their wonderful creations by clicking on the FLAPJACK tab above. Recipes will be added shortly.

The next challenge will be a biscuit/cookie bake off, which will take place on the 7th November.


Winning Scone Recipes

The Bake Off Team are in the process of writing to the presenters of the Great Bake Off show, inviting them to judge one of our Bake Off competitions. We will keep you posted if we receive a reply.
In the meantime,  why not try out some of the recipes of our winners by clicking on the tab above on the SCONE BAKE OFF page.
Our next challenge will be baking Flapjacks!


The Great Scone Bake Off Results




Another Great Challenge completed!

Judges had a difficult job once more, but eventually had to come to a decision to award Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to the Y5 and Y6 teams.

Here are the results…….

Gold Awards went to Ethan and Kelsey.

The judges said that Ethan’s scones were, “Presented beautifully and the taste and texture was a combination of a sweet, soft sensation with a kick of blueberry which exploded as you ate it.”

Kelsey’s were described once again as being beautifully presented and they had, ” A very nice crunch as you bit into them. The scone was light in texture and the quantity of dark chocolate chips gave an intense flavour that balanced well with the scone mix.”

The Silver awards went to Lydia-May , who was the only savoury entry and Isabelle who made a more tradition scone with the added twist of chocolate and orange.

The Bronze awards went to Lauren , who made a batch of delicate, smaller scones and Callum, who had the added zing of cinnamon.

So congratulations to the Bake Off team, you all did a tremendous job and we look forward to the next challenge on its way soon.

Take a look at the brilliant results of the SCONE BAKE OFF page, just click on the tab at the top of the page.



Date: Thursday 10th October  2013

Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm

Location: Large Hall


The challenge this week is a scone bake off.

These could be sweet or savoury.

There will only be 90 mins to prepare, cook and present the scones, so they are ready to be judged at 4:30pm. The final 30 mins will be for tidying up.


Team Bakers will need to bring with them all the ingredients they require, an apron and a container to take them home. Kitchen utensils will be provided  but it may be useful to weigh out the ingredients at home beforehand, to help save time.


As with all the other Bake Off challenges that will take place for the remainder of this term, the bakers will be awarded marks for technique, presentation and most importantly taste. The marks will be accumulated at the end of the term to help make the decision of who earns the title of ‘Champion Baker’.

Good luck and get practising baking those scones ready for the challenge!