A brilliant effort from all the team who helped bake nearly 150 cupcakes to raise around £50 for such a worthwhile cause.

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THE PETERS HILL BAKE OFF TEAM are now set to bake some awesome cupcakes for the MACMILLAN Tea Party!

So team members don’t forget…………………..

Thursday  26th Sep

Time: 3:00-5:00pm

WHERE: Large Hall

  You only need your aprons.

Ingredients and kitchen utensils will be provided.


A brilliant effort from all the contestants who participated in the Cupcake challenge on Thursday 19th September.

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All the bakers showed fantastic culinary skills and completed the Bake Off without any help from adults (other than operating the ovens of course!). It was simply a joy to watch and the end results were amazing.

It was an extremely difficult job but a decision had to be made as to who demonstrated enough skill to go through to the next round, the MACMILLAN tea bake. Our 2 judges chose 12 children who not only showed creativity and good presentation skills but also produced cakes that tasted wonderful.

So we look forward to seeing and tasting some more tremendous cupcakes next week and we invite everyone to come along to the MACMILLAN Tea Party  on Friday 27th September, where there will be opportunity to buy some of those cupcake delights.


Overwhelming Response!

A BIG THANK YOU to all those children who have expressed a wish to participate in the Peters Hill Bake off.

There has been a fantastic, overwhelming response from children so it has been decided that the only fair way to accommodate a reasonable number of places, is by making a random selection of children from both Year groups. Letters will be going home to parents, Wednesday afternoon, to confirm if your child has been selected on this occasion or not.

Unfortunately this means that some children may have not been chosen for the first Bake Off, however don’t be too disappointed because there will be other opportunities for more Bake Offs taking place throughout the year, so keep listening out for the next selection.

Many thanks for all your enthusiasm, Mrs Owen


Y5 and Y6 children are invited to the Great Peters Hill


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Date: Thurs 19th September 2013

Location: Large Hall         Time: 3:00pm

We are calling all those children in Y5 and Y6 at Peters Hill, who can demonstrate their fantastic cookery skills in baking, to join us in an amazing cupcake ‘Bake Off’.


Do you cook often at home?

imagesDo you enjoy baking a variety of cakes?
Do you have some tasty recipes to share?

Have you got some useful hints and tips to pass on to other bakers to make the perfect cake?
Would you like to demonstrate your ability to cook alongside other bakers?

Are you going to be the next Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry?

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If you can answer yes to some of those questions  then come along to the great Peters Hill Cupcake Bake Off.           

All you have to do is get permission from your parent/carer and complete an application form that you can collect from your teacher. Then on the Thurs 19th September at 3pm you will  bring along all the ingredients you need to make your most impressive cupcakes, along with the recipe instructions, including cupcake cases. The most successful bakers will then be chosen to bake some delectable cakes for our McMillan Afternoon Tea (INGREDIENTS WILL BE PROVIDED) which will be taking place on the 27th September.


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Those same selected bakers will then have the opportunity to join an after school club which will take place each Friday. There will be fortnightly challenges set, the sharing of recipes and handy tips and hints, visits from professional chefs will be arranged and there will be master classes in the more tricky skills of baking . Where challenges are set, children will be expected to bring their own ingredients and recipes and will battle it out against fellow bakers, for the prize of Champion Baker. For all the master classes, including the Mac Millan Tea Party, ingredients will be provided.

So if this sounds like your thing then please speak to Mrs Owen or your class teacher, who will be happy to give you any more details.

We look forward to lots of interest from eager bakers to show what talents you have. We will also be aspiring to have an inter-school bake off if Peters Hill bakers can show what incredible cakes they can make.